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We are a non-profit organization.

Vivo Cuore is a non-profit organization driven to save the lives of Rwandan children suffering from congenital heart diseases.

Founded in 2014 by Sandrine Murengerantwali, Vivo Cuore’s mission stemmed from its founder’s ambitious dream to give back the life-saving gift she received as a child in Rwanda: a generous donation which enabled her to receive surgical heart treatment. Alongside helping children in urgent need one at a time we are also striving to help build the foundations for facilities that will save the lives of hundreds of children in Rwanda.
Sandrine Murengerantwali
Founder of Fondation Vivo Cuore
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Our mission

Adults and children with a CHD cannot receive treatment in Rwanda simply because these tools, equipment and infrastructure are lacking in the country. Travelling to receive a life-saving surgery is a luxury which most cannot afford. We want to help every child in Rwanda that is in urgent need of a heart surgery by providing the funding necessary for children to travel and receive the treatment and care they need.
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