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This year, Vivo Cuore will have the opportunity to save many little Rwandan hearts affected by congenital heart diseases including those of Ian and Jean-Claude. Through an international chain of collaboration, we built the capacity to continue saving one child at a time.

Supporting the process of one Rwandan child costs $3 000, according to the individual needs of every child.

Help us continue to mend little hearts.

Ian Nziza

  • Age: 4 years old
  • City: Kigali
  • Parents: father & mother (tradespersons)
  • Heart Disease: fallot tetralogy

Learn more about Ian

Ian lives with his parents and siblings, Daissy and Bryan, in Kigali. His favourite activities are to play with other children and his toys. Ian was diagnosed at 3 months with fallot tetralogy. His family is grateful for the opportunity to have Ian healed by receiving a life-saving cardiac surgery.

Ian will be traveling with his mother to Barcelona for his cardiac surgery. Thanks to Vivo Cuore’s partnership with Chain of Hope, Ian and his mother will be taken in charge by the San Huan de Deu hospital, in Barcelona.

Jean-Claude Ndayisenga

  • Age: 2 years old
  • City: district of Rwamagana
  • Parents: father and mother
  • Heart Disease: fallot tetralogy

Learn more about Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude lives with his parents, in the Rwamagana district, a region located at the East side of Rwanda.

Jean-Claude will be taken in charge by the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (MCC), located in France. Vivo Cuore will be collaborating with the MCC to facilitate the process.

Description of heart disease:

Fallot tetralogy is a congenital heart disease characterized by a combination of four abnormalities. The abnormalities comprise (i) pulmonary valve stenosis, (ii) ventricular septal defect, (iii) overriding aorta, (iv) right ventricular hypertrophy.

Some of the symptoms commonly associated with the tetralogy of Fallot are cyanosis, a blue coloration of the skin caused by blood low in oxygen, and a heart murmur.