Angélique Bakuze

Diagonosis: Large ostium-secondum interatrial communication
Operation Date: March 17 2017

Angélique is a young girl of 12. Living with her 3 sisters, 5 brothers and parents together in the Kikimbi region. Her parents are both teachers.
When there is atrial septal defect, the septum separating the auricles (the atrial septum) is not completely closed, allowing left oxygenated blood to pass to the non-oxygenated side. The existence of this opening is normal at the fetal level where the blood circulation is much simpler the lungs not yet having a role. At birth, the opening is closed, making way for a partition that avoids any contact between the atria. In the case of Angélique it is a defect of closure in the middle of the septum atria; This is an atrial septal defect of the ostium secondum type.