Save a heart, your way. Submit fundraising project idea

Coup-de-Coeur Projects

Vivo Cuore has launched Coup-de-Coeur Projects for our members and community at large to bring their own ideas and projects to us with the goal of collaborating to save more children’s hearts. Turn your project into a personal “Coup-de-Coeur” fundraising campaign!

How would it work?

Whether you’re experienced in leading your own projects, or have no clue where to begin and would need guidance – we will provide the support you need to bring your fundraising project to life.

Starting with a concrete goal, idea, concept or full project – Share it with us to turn it into your very own “Coup-de-Coeur Project”. À project can be achieved alone, as à personal project, or as à team, with family, friends, co-workers, etc. Participants have the discretion to decide how they would want to raise the funds to reach their fundraising goal.

Where Vivo comes in is ultimately to support your project by finding and providing the resources you need; from developing and planning the project, assisting in things like budgeting, venue finding, promotion – we ultimately want to help you reach your goal!

Furthermore, each member from our team involved in your project pledges to raise at least $100 from their own friends, families and colleagues to support their engagement to Vivo Cuore Coup-de-Coeur Projects. In this way, we really want to get our community members involved in saving a child’s heart, but also support and collaborate with them to achieve personal projects.

My project idea: