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Dr. Emmanuel Rusingiza

Since its beginnings, Vivo Cuore has worked closely with Dr. Rusingiza. Dr Emmanuel Rusingiza is a Rwandan pediatric cardiologist at the University Hospital Center at Kigali (CHUK). He is also a teacher at the Medicine Faculty of the University of Rwanda. Dr.Rusingiza’s role is critical for the many Rwandan families who come to his clinic with children affected with various cardiac diseases, including congenital heart diseases.

Our collaboration with Dr. Emmanuel


Through collaborative work, Dr. Rusingiza and Vivo Cuore have sent more than 30 of his children patients in host countries for reparative cardiac surgeries. Dr. Rusingiza’s role in advancing the cause of Rwandan children affected by congenital heart diseases is also crucial, as he is a principal liaison with international humanitarian medical teams continuing to offer free-of-charge cardiac surgeries for the diagnosed Rwandan children. In addition, Dr. Rusingiza is the executive director of the Rwandan Pediatric Association, an organization involved in active advocacy towards the implementation of  child health as a priority as part of  the national health agenda of Rwanda.

Rwandan Pediatric Association (RPA)

RPA’s mission is to promote quality preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative paediatric services; to enhance and disseminate evidence-based knowledge so as to improve policies and strategies for better paediatric practice. The RPA endeavors to advance child health advocacy, research, and continuous professional capacity development, in collaboration with other bodies in Rwanda, the region and beyond in addition to serving as an effective voice for its members. 

Our collaboration with the RPA

To achieve envisaged vision and mission, the following four priority areas and their corresponding objectives have been identified:

  1. Promotion of quality child/paediatric practice
  2. Enhancing Paediatric Research
  3. Reinforcing management of RPA
  4. Wellbeing of Paediatricians

Chain of Hope UK

Chain of Hope runs a global referral programme to help provide treatment to children with heart disease who would otherwise not survive. Chain of Hope partners with world class hospitals and institutions to fund and provide treatment for these children who are desperately in need.

Our collaboration with the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Vivo Cuore assists the families of Rwandan children referred to Cardiac Surgery Sponsorship through their transportation needs.

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde allows children suffering from heart malformations to come to France and be operated when they cannot be treated in their home countries due to a lack of financial and technical means.

Our collaboration with the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

The rule of the “five" imperatives is our motto: 

  1. The best possible quality of care, 
  2. Acceptance of complex heart disease, 
  3. Global care of the child and his problems, 
  4. An optimal and long-term remote medical monitoring, 
  5. Preoccupation with schooling upon return.