C'est quoi?

It is a way to collect funds that requires direct participation from the members of Vivo Cuore’s community.

How does it work?

By creating a concrete and achievable personal goal. For example, raise enough money each year to have one child operated. Thus, this objective becomes the "Coup de Coeur" of the person wishing to get involved with Vivo Cuore. In addition, the person is free to choose the way in which it will be possible for him / her to collect the funds. For example, the participant may decide to form a team of 10 people who will run 5K in less than x minutes at a fixed date and place. Then each member of the team will have to raise at least $ 100 from their friends / families / colleagues who will support them in their commitment to Vivo Cuore. In the end, $ 1,000 would be raised to support Vivo Cuore while supporting a personal project. In short, this is an original and participatory way to involve members of the Vivo Cuore community.

Also, the Projet Coup de Cœur provides a unique opportunity for members to learn more about the process of caring for a child. During the project, participants will be able to receive reports, photos and videos of their Coup(s) de Coeur. The project gives the Canadian community a chance to be part of a crucial stage in a child's life by raising the funds needed to fund the child's move to the operating room. If, for most Rwandan families, the whole process unfolds without hindrance, it is thanks to the support of all who mobilize to help them.

The Projet Coup de Cœur also gives Vivo Cuore the opportunity to expand its family while promoting awareness of congenital heart diseases in Rwanda. By participating in the sponsorship of Projects like these, participants have the opportunity to understand the difficulties that children and their families face when faced with a lack of local resources. By completing a Projet Coup de Coeur, members become actors of change both in their community and in the wheel of organizations that mobilize to help Rwandan children with congenital heart disease.

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