Layana Umukundwa

Diagnosis: Tetralogy of Fallot

Arrival date in France: 3ird of January 2016

Layana Umukundwa is a young lady, 5 years of age. She resides in the Kamonyi region with her parents, field workers and her 3 brothers. She reached France on January 3rd and currently awaits surgery.
Just like how our muscles get bigger when they work harder so does the heart muscle. Because the right ventricle works harder than normal to pump blood due to pulmonary stenosis it gets more muscular. Eventually just as your muscles tire from too much exercise the heart can fail as a result of all this. Two such components are consequences of the others. The stenosis creates increased pressure in the ventricle, which in turn causes hypertrophy the interventricular septum, causes dextroposition of the aorta.