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2023-2024 Campaign Goal

This year, our campaign goal is to save 9 little hearts. The goal of the campaign is to raise $30,000 for these children.

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Slide What we do at Vivo Cuore Since 2014, Vivo Cuore has been working with its international partners to enable Rwandan children with congenital heart defects to receive reconstructive heart surgery.

Vivo Cuore's mission is to continue to provide each child with transportation to their new heart.

How our partners participate

Our global chain of collaboration allows Vivo Cuore to continue its mission of saving little hearts. 

Through our longstanding partnerships, Rwandan children diagnosed with congenital heart disease are cared for at our partners’ cardiology centers.

Repairing little hearts

We believe in the power of saving every heart in need.

Every Rwandan child that has received a life-changing heart surgery has in turn impacted their family and community. They also continue to inspire us and our partners across the world that work relentlessly on giving back and growing our humanitarian efforts.

Esther's story

Esther was one of the first children Vivo Cuore sent abroad for a reparative heart surgery, back in 2016 and she was warmly received by our partner in France: Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. Her story is a true testament to what we do. Esther received not one, but rather two surgeries in order to correct her heart defect.

Following her initial surgery, Esther returned home and we all believed that she was set for her recovery journey and bright future ahead, that her heart defect was a story of the past. However, a few months later, new complications started arising with Esther’s health, and after visiting Dr. Emmanuel for a checkup, the child and her parents learned that Esther needed to go receive a second surgery. With the collaborative efforts of the Rwanda Pediatric Association, Humura, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and Vivo Cuore, we were able to organise and fund Esther’s second trip to France for her final life-saving heart surgery.

With Vivo Cuore’s promise to see through Esther’s journey to surgery, the complete course of her care, return home and recovery, her story is one that ends with a healthy new heart.

Nancy “A heart saved was an opportunity for Nancy to continue playing”. Tona holding the staircase “Today, Tona can smile with a healthy heart.” violette and her community “Saving a heart like Violette's is also about recognizing that every child is precious in their community.” oscar on a scooter “We continue to save hearts so that children like Oscar continue to fly through life.” Mona in her school uniform “When you help us save a heart, we allow a child to keep going to school.” elie and her twin brother “We helped heal Elie’s heart, so he can continue playing with his brother.”

The impact of your generosity

In order to save the life of a diagnosed child, most congenital heart diseases require reconstructive heart surgery. Due to the lack of infrastructure to handle the cases of Rwandan children with congenital heart diseases, the only solution for these children is to be treated abroad. Without your generosity, each of these children would not receive a new heart.

Your donation allows each child and their parent to travel abroad to a partner’s cardiology center and receive the urgent surgery and treatments they need. In addition, your donation allows Vivo Cuore to offer additional support to the families who require assistance throughout the treatment process.

You have the power to mend a little heart and help it grow.