"Hearts become one" 2023 Campaign Imitima yabaye umwe Ready to give?

Slide What we do at Vivo Cuore Since 2014, Vivo Cuore has been working with its international partners to enable Rwandan children with congenital heart defects to receive reconstructive heart surgery.

Vivo Cuore's mission is to continue to provide each child with transportation to their new heart.

Repairing little hearts

We believe in the power of saving every heart in need.

Every Rwandan child that has received a life-changing heart surgery has in turn impacted their family and community. They also continue to inspire us and our partners across the world that work relentlessly on giving back and growing our humanitarian efforts.

The impact of your generosity

In order to save the life of a diagnosed child, most congenital heart diseases require reconstructive heart surgery. Due to the lack of infrastructure to handle the cases of Rwandan children with congenital heart diseases, the only solution for these children is to be treated abroad. Without your generosity, each of these children would not receive a new heart.

Your donation allows each child and their parent to travel abroad to a partner’s cardiology center and receive the urgent surgery and treatments they need. In addition, your donation allows Vivo Cuore to offer additional support to the families who require assistance throughout the treatment process.

You have the power to mend a little heart and help it grow.

2022-2023 Campaign Goal

This year, our campaign goal is to save 10 little hearts. The goal of the campaign is to raise $30,000 for these 10 children.

Funds raised up to today: $18,000

How our partners participate

Our global chain of collaboration allows Vivo Cuore to continue its mission of saving little hearts. 

Through our longstanding partnerships, Rwandan children diagnosed with congenital heart disease are cared for at our partners’ cardiology centers.